Welcome to Scarlett Feva Bellydance!Jenbest1

Our classes are designed to bring out the Goddess within you, to enhance and tone your feminine curves, to unleash your sensuality and to create within you an aura of exotic grace.

While there are many folkloric tales of where and how this beautiful and ancient dance came to be and how it has evolved, regardless of these origins, bellydance has left its mark on the earth and within every woman's veins.  Bellydance allows a woman to move in an organic way, and, in essence, truthfully.

The natural movements of the dance not only bring sheer joy, but also touch the soul of creation. Certain ancient texts even claim that our universe was created out of dance, and so it is through dance that we are likewise connected to the universe.

Bellydance transcends us; it allows the hands to touch the heavens, while the feet keep us connected to the Earth.  Dance and Live Life with Grace, Beauty, Joy and LOVE.  ~ Blessed Be

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